Podstrona: PCI grant program / Prof. Paweł Chmielarz, Eng, PhD, DSc, ProfTit


PCI grant program



pci_logo.pngProject Number: N2_085

Project implemented as part of the PCI grant program entitled "Podkarpackie Innovation Center"

Title of the project: Synthesis of hydrophobic and antibacterial ecological varnish coatings

Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr. Paweł Chmielarz, DSc, PhD, Eng.

Project Value: 199 883,53 PLN

Co-financing of the Project from European Regional Development Fund under Priority Axis No. I "Competitive and innovative economy" from the Regional Operational Program of the Podkarpackie Province for 2014-2020

Aim of the Project:
The subject of the project is the synthesis of hydrophobic and antibacterial varnish coatings based on the structure of naturally-derived structures and methacrylic monomers using atom transfer radical polymerization technique with the regeneration of activators by a chemical reducing agent (ARGET ATRP). Another ecological aspect of this project is the reaction medium of conducted syntheses, namely the dispersion system – a miniemulsion, that enables the polymerization of hydrophobic monomers while eliminating the organic solvent from the reaction system.

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