Podstrona: Prof. Paweł Chmielarz, Eng, PhD, DSc, ProfTit


28 Aug

Kinga Ślusarczyk with MPM2023 Award

28-08-2023 r.
Eng. Kinga Ślusarczyk with 8th International Seminar on Modern Polymeric Materials 2023 Award
06 Jun

Kinga Ślusarczyk with Rector Award for organizational activities

06-06-2023 r.
Rector Award for organizational activities for IPSUM
06 Jun

Małgorzata Sroka with Medal of Ignacy Łukasiewicz Primus Inter Pares for...

06-06-2023 r.
Medal of Ignacy Łukasiewicz Primus Inter Pares for outstanding graduates at Rzeszow University of Technology
16 Apr

Minister of Education and Science "Student science clubs create innovation"...

16-04-2023 r.
A new grant for the project "Modification of natural plant-derived textile materials by ATRP techniques".
04 Apr

IPSUM Scientific Society students awarded rector's scholarships for the...

04-04-2023 r.
16 winners out of 57 students of the Faculty of Chemistry who were awarded the rector's scholarship for the semester 2022/2023 are IPSUM and Chmielarz Research Group members
01 Apr

Kinga Ślusarczyk second time with the Minister of Science and Higher...

01-04-2023 r.
Minister of Science and Higher Education Award for outstanding students, who conduct high-quality research and have a wealth of academic achievements on an international scale.
12 Jan

Kinga Ślusarczyk with Talenty Jutra grant

12-01-2023 r.
Kinga Ślusarczyk from the Department of Physical Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, Rzeszów University of Technology (Chmielarz Research Group) with Talenty Jutra grant
17 Nov

Red is the new green: Making polymers in wine

17-11-2022 r.
To bring down the cost of a conventional reaction, researchers are turning to green chemistry and wine to provide the right conditions.